How to choose an orthopedic mattress?

JoaneGran 23 Apr , 2019 0 Comments mattress sales

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From the definition indicated above it is evident that an orthopedic mattress must be supported and rigid to be such. The characteristics that must be absolutely respected are the anatomical being or respect the curves of our spine and above all must avoid areas where it is more rigid or areas where sinking prevails.

Finally, transpiration should not be overlooked: it guarantees an ideal night’s rest and a certain level of comfort; a small note deserves the constitution of the individual who will have to sleep: if it is robust it is better to privilege a harder consistency, if instead, it is thin it is possible to reason also in terms of reception, therefore tangentially less rigidity.

When do you need to change an orthopedic mattress?

After many years, the orthopedic mattress, even of better quality, undergoes an inevitable decline in its performance. So what are the factors we need to pay attention to and which should make us think of a change in our orthopedic mattress? First and foremost, we must think about our weight, but not only that, even night have habits such as position, for example, played an important role.

The average life of an old generation orthopedic mattress is 15 years. Which may seem like a lot, but in reality, they are much less especially if regular maintenance of the mattress is not carried out, rotating and turning it both upside down and head-feet.

Choose the mattress for the weight:

As for our weight, we must think that simply lying down and staying on a mattress for several hours determines the stress on the mattress components, both the springs and the covering itself.

Obviously, it is useless to deny it, an increase in weight will cause a deformation of the mattress that is earlier with the same time compared to a thin and minute individual, but this should not make us think that being thin guarantees an eternal life of the mattress.

As for habits and nocturnal positioning; one has to assess whether one prefers to sleep on one side of the mattress rather than on the center, or if one tends to sleep on one’s side mainly rather than supine or prone because it is important? Because it changes the body surface that is in contact with the mattress, so it changes the surface that is most stressed.

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