Change the old mattress: after how to replace it?

JoaneGran 23 Apr , 2019 0 Comments mattress sales

How the mattress is an inseparable and faithful companion of our sleep. He embraces us every night, before falling asleep and sustains us all night, preparing us for morning awakening.

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He accompanies us even in moments of illness and in the most intimate situations, becoming an almost irreplaceable object. Unfortunately the duration of the mattress, even of the best on the market, is not eternal, but rather; after a longer or shorter period of time, depending on various factors, the old mattress will begin to give way, causing the quality of our rest and our dreams to decrease, little by little; it will, therefore, be necessary to change the mattress.

The average duration of a good mattress:

A good quality mattress, be it in memory foam, latex or spring, has an average duration of 7 to 10 years. Usually, latex mattresses can have a shorter useful life than memory mattresses, as we had already anticipated in a previous article, due to the different composition of the polymers, which over time can disintegrate, in a kind of “dust”.

To estimate the remaining life of the mattress, various factors must be taken into account; the main one is the quality of the product. Hardly a mediocre product, which uses poor quality materials and produced without due care, will have the same useful life as a high-end mattress.

The factors that determine the life of the mattress:

Logically, the mattress must be placed in the bedroom environment; which will influence its characteristics and properties, for better or for worse through various factors:

The circulation of air inside it;

The humidity rate, with mold and mildew;

The type of slatted base we use;

The sheets and blankets;

How often the mattress is cleaned and turned?

We must also consider other factors, which depend on us, or rather from our physical condition:

How much we used it;

Weight and variations;

The stature;


Back pains;

Why change the mattress?

It is above all a hygienic issue, in fact over time, even with proper maintenance and cleaning, there is a risk that the presence of mites will cause annoying allergies.

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