Change the old mattress: after how to replace it?

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How the mattress is an inseparable and faithful companion of our sleep. He embraces us every night, before falling asleep and sustains us all night, preparing us for morning awakening.

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He accompanies us even in moments of illness and in the most intimate situations, becoming an almost irreplaceable object. Unfortunately the duration of the mattress, even of the best on the market, is not eternal, but rather; after a longer or shorter period of time, depending on various factors, the old mattress will begin to give way, causing the quality of our rest and our dreams to decrease, little by little; it will, therefore, be necessary to change the mattress.

The average duration of a good mattress:

A good quality mattress, be it in memory foam, latex or spring, has an average duration of 7 to 10 years. Usually, latex mattresses can have a shorter useful life than memory mattresses, as we had already anticipated in a previous article, due to the different composition of the polymers, which over time can disintegrate, in a kind of “dust”.

To estimate the remaining life of the mattress, various factors must be taken into account; the main one is the quality of the product. Hardly a mediocre product, which uses poor quality materials and produced without due care, will have the same useful life as a high-end mattress.

The factors that determine the life of the mattress:

Logically, the mattress must be placed in the bedroom environment; which will influence its characteristics and properties, for better or for worse through various factors:

The circulation of air inside it;

The humidity rate, with mold and mildew;

The type of slatted base we use;

The sheets and blankets;

How often the mattress is cleaned and turned?

We must also consider other factors, which depend on us, or rather from our physical condition:

How much we used it;

Weight and variations;

The stature;


Back pains;

Why change the mattress?

It is above all a hygienic issue, in fact over time, even with proper maintenance and cleaning, there is a risk that the presence of mites will cause annoying allergies.

Is your mattress is the reason for muscle memory weakness?

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To start the actual thing you must know what muscle memory is. Muscle memory is basically the power of the brain to regenerate a movement without any conscious thought. This helps you the understand the movement and acquire the repetitiveness of the movement. Like eating is a process which we do every day many times in the day. But our brain remembers the technique of eating due to the muscle memory of the brain. Now, most people are unaware of the fact that the power of muscle memory totally dependent upon the sleep as well as the mattress of the sleeper. Find a good bed for pain relief on Sleep Junkie.

The connection of muscle memory and mattress

If you feel that your current mattress is in good condition and also it does not harmful for your muscle memory then its time to test your mattress. If you feel aching and tightening in the muscles of the body then definitely your mattress is not in your favor. This reason behind this is the firmness of your mattress either it is too much firm or too less firm. If you are forcing yourself to adjust with your mattress then you are just harming yourself. Because you will just keep twisting throughout the whole night instead of sleeping.

How to avoid the loss of muscle memory

Mattress plays an important role to not to lose your muscle memory. There are so many tips and hacks available for the sleepers to make their sleep comfortable. The choice of the correct mattress is very important you have to choose a mattress which is super comfortable as well as not too much firm. Too much fluffy mattress can also lead to a discomfort situation while sleeping. Choose the mattress with moderate or average firmness if possible. Also choose the mattress filling according to the temperature of your head while sleeping. Ike few people sweat a lot so they need mattress which keeps them cool, while some people feel cool while sleeping so they need a warm mattress accordingly.

How to choose an orthopedic mattress?

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From the definition indicated above it is evident that an orthopedic mattress must be supported and rigid to be such. The characteristics that must be absolutely respected are the anatomical being or respect the curves of our spine and above all must avoid areas where it is more rigid or areas where sinking prevails.

Finally, transpiration should not be overlooked: it guarantees an ideal night’s rest and a certain level of comfort; a small note deserves the constitution of the individual who will have to sleep: if it is robust it is better to privilege a harder consistency, if instead, it is thin it is possible to reason also in terms of reception, therefore tangentially less rigidity.

When do you need to change an orthopedic mattress?

After many years, the orthopedic mattress, even of better quality, undergoes an inevitable decline in its performance. So what are the factors we need to pay attention to and which should make us think of a change in our orthopedic mattress? First and foremost, we must think about our weight, but not only that, even night have habits such as position, for example, played an important role.

The average life of an old generation orthopedic mattress is 15 years. Which may seem like a lot, but in reality, they are much less especially if regular maintenance of the mattress is not carried out, rotating and turning it both upside down and head-feet.

Choose the mattress for the weight:

As for our weight, we must think that simply lying down and staying on a mattress for several hours determines the stress on the mattress components, both the springs and the covering itself.

Obviously, it is useless to deny it, an increase in weight will cause a deformation of the mattress that is earlier with the same time compared to a thin and minute individual, but this should not make us think that being thin guarantees an eternal life of the mattress.

As for habits and nocturnal positioning; one has to assess whether one prefers to sleep on one side of the mattress rather than on the center, or if one tends to sleep on one’s side mainly rather than supine or prone because it is important? Because it changes the body surface that is in contact with the mattress, so it changes the surface that is most stressed.

Things to avoid when buying a mattress

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Buying of mattress couldn’t be easy and if you think to make a random purchase of it then you would be losing all your values and never get expected results from your mattress. So you don’t need to do Rush and really once considered as all the information about mattress which helps you to buy it easily and you can fix all the issues of getting mattress as soon as possible. Despite doing all the efforts, you need to once pay attention to these things which really help you to avoid some factors and will make the purchasing of mattress valuable.

Doesn’t get until you know your sleep type

The first thing you need to do and really never gets the mattress if you don’t know about your sleep type. First of all, you need to recognize your sleep type and will see in which position you sleeping most and when you know it well then you can get mattress easily and you can’t find your sleeping position obviously you can once consult to your doctor and the tells you better about it.

While you can’t be tested the mattress

Before to make payment of mattress you need to first of all test it and when you see the company provides the better testing then you can get the mattress and no one to apply it on your bed and check out it is really comfortable for you or not. If the mattress you get is really comfortable then you can get that one and seriously you don’t need to be worried because testing the mattress would help you to check out all of its pros and cons easily. Read about new mattress technologies at Sleep Junkie.

Though you are not considered the knowledge about it

The last but not least fact you need to follow and don’t need to buy the mattress until you consider done knowledge about it. So you can get the mattress easily and will kick out all the issues As soon as possible when you once get some information about the mattress which you want to buy. Even you can get the help with technology which helps you to fix all the troubles and you can get mattress perfectly.

Get the fresh breathable mattress for comfortable sleep

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